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Don't abuse it, or you might lose it! - Take care of your hair!


A shower hose is in front of King & Country Grooming's RESERVE Balance Daily Shampoo at the back of the sink.

Imagine rolling up for a date in a spotless luxury car - fresh wax, fresh rims, fresh grill, fresh-to-death everything...on the outside. Inside? That's another story: there's a rip in the leather seats, crumbs from breakfast all over the centre console, and the engine sounds like toolbox rolling down a hill. Think your date will be impressed? Nah, Brah.

It's time to think of your hair and scalp the same way you would about everything else - car, clothes, house, and the rest of your body. If you don't maintain the health of any of these things, people will only notice that they're falling apart. That fresh fade, that pomp, that long flow? Looks great...until you can’t stop itching and your shoulders are covered in flakes and dandruff.


King & Country Grooming's RESERVE Daily Mint Shampoo sits on the floor beside a towel and NBA Basketball - Shampoo Made in Canada             King & Country Grooming's RESERVE Daily Mint Shampoo splashing in the ocean with Vancouver in the distance.

Not enough men use a quality shampoo or conditioner, even though they’re absolutely essential to the maintenance of their hair and scalp. Regular use of styling products and excessive hat-wearing, without doing anything to rejuvenate and repair, could lead to some serious damage to those luscious locks.

We developed the RESERVE Healthy Hair & Scalp System to complete a holistic approach to caring for your hair. We’ve also included mint in the formula because of its numerous health benefits. According to Healthline, mint is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and acts as a vasodilator – which has linked it to the prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair growth. 

King & Country Grooming's RESERVE Clarifying Mint Shampoo sits on a bed of fresh mint - Made in Vancouver   King & Country Grooming's RESERVE Clarifying Mint Shampoo sits in the sand on the beach of Vancouver - Made in Canada

Using our Healthy Hair & Scalp System will hydrate and invigorate your scalp by stimulating blood flow and creating a healthy environment for hair growth. PLUS, the mint adds a tingly sensation like no other! Work these products in well and feel the thrill of the chill!

King & Country Grooming's RESERVE Healthy Hair and Scalp System includes a Daily Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, and Clarifying Shampoo, all made in Vancouver, Canada.


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