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A can of Canadian-made RESERVE Styling wax sits on a table with razors and other men's grooming tools.



"Reserve Products and the K&C Classic line are A+ in all aspects. They provide outstanding results, the brand support
is superb, and above all the quality of the products is commended by my barbers and by our clients."

Brennan Cuff (@brennancufforiginal) Owner/Barber UBS Barbershops

"Easy to work with, washes out easily. Would highly recommend."

Cody Usak (@grampastaxx) Master Barber/Educator

"King & Country Pomades are my go-to products. I finally found a product line that can achieve any look I visualize-from shiny and slick to matte/natural and textured styles. What's best is that K&C can be easily washed out with water since it's a water-based pomade with quality ingredients. With these pomades I have the perfect combination to achieve any style."

Evan Ng (@best.ev) Award Winning Barber and Owner of Liminal Grooming Lounge

"The number one thing my clients love is it's so easy to work with, gets the results and washes out easily. Keeps my clients coming back for more." 

Zach Yang (@fadedbyzach) Professional Barber